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Amazing makeover

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing a few photos and information from our latest housecall! My mom recently made the decision to sell her house built 48 years ago. She had been renting it for several years and was tired of the turnover and wear and tear of rental property. The 3/2 ranch, built in 1970's had good bones and layout. Even though there had been some updates through the years it was time for a complete but budget minded makeover. The house had its original appliances and plumbing fixtures in avocado green and cerulean blue, the hottest colors in those days! Here are a few 'before' photos.

The kitchen had a great layout so we just refaced the existing cabinets with new doors. The formica countertop, also in avocado, was in really good shape so we left it and painted it to look like Carrara marble. There were 3 different flooring types in the house so we opted for all new floors. The consistent flooring made the rooms feel bigger and flow better. The walls in the dining area had a textured faux finish that we covered up with shiplap. The lighting was also dated and changing out a few of those made a huge impact.

As everyone knows the biggest bang for your buck is with paint. Naturally using a paint that paints on nearly every surface was key. Jolie Matte Finish Paint to the rescue. We used Swedish Grey, diluted/thinned with water to paint the shiplap and beams. Navy is all over the place these days! We mixed Classic Navy and Gentlemen's Blue for a brighter navy on the bottom kitchen cabinets. The top cabinets we painted in Gesso. On the countertops for the Carrara marble we used Palace White, Linen and French Grey. I will do another tutorial post on how I did that.

The project started about a week before Covid shut the whole world down. In someways it helped because it allowed me more time to concentrate on getting it done. However, it complicated the actual logistics of getting it done. The project turned out beautifully and the house sold after just 4 days of being on the market. If you are planning on listing your house and you need a few tips, stop by the shop and let us take a look at it. We love the challenge! Visit our facebook and our Instagram is @paint_shoppe

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