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Bring Your Own Piece

Hi everyone! We are so thankful for the warm weather we've been gifted with this week and are crossing our fingers in anticipation of more beautiful days in the sun. This Spring, we hope you'll use your sunny days to come and pay us a visit and participate in one of our MANY workshops! We particularly love hosting our Bring Your Own Piece parties, where participants bring their own dated furniture into our studio and receive all the one on one guidance they need to make their furnishings beautiful. Newbies and seasoned painters alike enjoy great conversation, supplies, and refreshments along with the help they get on their personal projects.

Here are a few photos from our last Bring Your Own Piece (BYOP) workshop!

If you're still not convinced: here's what Vanessa had to say about her experience in our class:

We loved having you, Vanessa, and we're so happy you loved your experience and takeaway!

Vanessa's table started out with a plain wood finish and was headed to the junk pile. However, with the help of Jolie Paint in Classic Navy, we were able to help her fall in love with it all over again! We used the Smooth Finish technique because Vanessa wanted no visible brush strokes. After waxing with Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear, this table is ready to spruce up an interior space.

Here are some of the other finished works by our participants:

That Pie Crust Table was inspired by one the owner saw in an Antique Mall. She thought, "Oh! I have one of those in my house!" After bringing her table to us and showing us a photo of the one that would've cost around $800 to purchase, we were able to match colors and wax, creating an almost exact replica of the one from the Antique Mall! We used the following products to created this layered, textured finish:

- Wood Icing

- Texture Paste

- Jolie Paint in Antique White

- Jolie Paint in Linen

- Jolie Paint in Eucalyptus

- Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear

Last but not least, that cute storage shelf that started out with a glossy wood finish now has personality thanks to a textured finish using:

- Jolie Paint in French Grey

- Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear

- Jolie Finishing Wax in Brown

For more information about the various finishing techniques used in our class, refer to this blog we posted a few weeks ago or make plans to attend our BYOP or