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Bring Your Own Piece 7/27/19

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We had the MOST fun this past Saturday! We held our crowd favorite Bring Your Own Piece (BYOP) Workshop here at the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing Studio. We had five different pieces being worked on all at once, and each one has turned out fabulously! The ladies in attendance used a wide range of products, which I'll include underneath photos of the finished pieces! First, here are a few candid photos I took during the workshop!

This workshop is one of our favorites to host because we get to meet a bunch of new friends and bounce back and forth between fun, unique projects all day long! Lunch is always great too, because while Virginia is a wonderful decorative painter and interior designer among other things, she's also a stellar chef. Now for the Before and After shots!



This piece was painted in Jolie Paint's Swedish Grey and waxed with Jolie's Clear Wax!



For this look, Alyssa chose to add Efex Appliqués (Rococo Scrolls and Roman Shell Rosette) to give a bit more detail and elegance to her piece. Then, The entirety of the piece was painted with Jolie's Lilac Grey. Then, we did a wash with Jolie's Cocoa, and finished up with Clear Wax. Even without the hardware, this piece looked so cute!

The other two pieces came from two of our friends that we made during the Teacher Appreciation Workshops that we hosted mid-July! I only have one of the After photos so far, because Sarah decided she wanted to do more to the piece when she got home! However, both participants used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, Wood Icing Texture Paste, and Jolie Paint colors in their pieces.