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Color Mixer Party! A Nation-wide Open House!

On Friday, we spent the afternoon prepping the store for today's big party: the Color Mixer! Here's what it looked like before our guests arrived:

Besides creating their own signature colors, our guests enjoyed refreshments and great company, including kisses from our one and only Paint-Shoppe Team Mascot, Bella!

Those who were signed up ahead of time were given extra giveaway goodies- FrogTape packs! If you've never used FrogTape, it's great for creating a chevron pattern!

Everyone who attended received a sample pot of a Jolie Paint color along with a paintbrush!

The color mixes that were created today were out of this world and we've LOVED them!

Aren't those colors beautiful? She ended up matching her outfit! We were so thankful that she along with all these other folks decided to brave the cold and rain and give us a visit.

Anyway, the Paint-Shoppe team had a great day. Happy Saturday, we hope you have a happy Sunday, and as always--

Thanks for reading,

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