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Color Mixing Goals!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Hi everyone! Virginia has been in New Orleans this week hanging out with and learning from Lisa Rickert of Jolie Home, as well as so many other excited Jolie Retailers! The Jolie Retailer Summit sent Virginia home with a lot of amazing news: color mixing is about to get a whole lot easier.

Lisa held Q and A's with Jolie Retailers and reminded everyone that Jolie is the most customer-focused decorative paint brand out there. The Jolie brand aims to first inspire customers, then create with them, share knowledge with them, and repeat the process when it comes time to repaint that piece of furniture, accessory or floor. We're here for that too! Choosing a paint color is an emotional experience! These are hues that will punctuate the memories you have of this time in your life, and we want to make sure you have good ones.

To help cater to the specific needs and wants of clientele, the Jolie Brand has created a fan deck featuring popular mixtures created using Jolie Matte Finish colors. You'll get specific measurements and create colors like this with the help of the fan deck!

What's more, each retailer will be creating their own collection, catered to their client base! Both Spruce and the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing are on that list, and we're so excited to eventually share our personal collections with you! And what's MORE... several of your favorite Jolie colors will soon come in GALLON SIZE! This means more painting, less batching. The full list of stocked gallon size colors is as follows:

Soft & Light

Mid-Tone Neutrals

Dark & Moody

ANY color can be tinted and customized through special order!

The Jolie Retailer Summit took the time to focus on creativity as well, and participating retailers learned to create moodboards, which show off different color schemes in an organized and helpful way. As someone who plans to buy a lot of paint in the next year, I'm excited about these moodboards! Having a look at the different tints and shades as well as color combos will help me tremendously when choosing the palette for my home. Here are some of my favorite examples, some personal to paint-shoppe, some from Jolie, and some from our fellow retailers!

The one you see below was created by a good friend of ours Brandy Siemens! You can find her work on her instagram: @vintagestyleanddesigns! Many moodboards, like this one, are created using the Canva app.

Can't download the Canva app but still want to make your own moodboard? Fear not! Physical moodboards are just as gorgeous as digital ones! Here are two that Virginia skillfully put together! #love!

"Cohesive, balanced, upscale." That's what we can give the world with Jolie! We at love the Jolie brand, so hop on the bandwagon and let's make life beautiful!

Thanks for reading! Talk soon!

PS: Curious about what creative antics go on at a Jolie Retailer Summit? Here's some photos to feed your curiosity! Our colleagues are some of our favorite people on the planet!

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