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Drab to Fab: Antiquing Chairs

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Hello everyone! This past weekend, Virginia and I filmed a video tutorial on antiquing some gorgeous old chairs! We used Jolie Home's Dove Grey, one of our favorites from the Serenity Collection, as well as some of our favorite Pebeo Gilding Waxes. We love the finished pieces and are so excited to share our technique with you! We've uploaded the video tutorial to our Facebook account and hope that you'll use this blog to follow along!

Here's a list of the products we recommend to complete this project:

1. Jolie Paint in Dove Grey

2. Pebeo Gilding Wax in King Gold and Renaissance

3. Jolie Signature brush small

4. SIFF Gilding Wax brush

5. Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear and Brown

6. Cheesecloth

7. 600 grit sandpaper

Here's what we started with:

STEP 1: Choose your paint color.

- We chose Dove Grey from the Jolie Serenity Collection. You'll need to shake your paint can 30 times. Then set aside a small amount in open air and leave to thicken while you complete your first coat.

STEP 2: Paint on your first coat.