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Dreaming in French Quarter Green

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new blog series in which we'll be covering one Jolie Paint color per week! We'll be giving you the inspirations behind the hue, our favorite ways to use it, and some interesting color mixes and combos that you can create using that week's particular color! We could think of no better way to start off this series than with French Quarter Green. Did you know Jolie Home is based in New Orleans, Louisiana? Besides being the place where my parents got engaged (points for nostalgia), the French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. Strolling through streets like Royal and Bourbon you can view walled courtyards, Creole cottages and townhouses, and cast iron balconies painted in this deep green colour. The Vieux Carré is a splendid collection of historic European as well as American architecture. It is also the home of street artists and musicians and a whole lot of good food. Time spent in the French Quarter is always memorable.

This color can dress up your home decor when mixed with brass to give your painted furniture a sophisticated look or made to feel boho when paired with other bright colors! I'm all about bright color combos and creating new color mixes, and you know that if you follow our instagram, but I've been known to throw a few moody mixes in the bunch as well. Here are a few of my favorite looks for French Quarter Green!

French Quarter Green with Pure White and brassy accents! Love it!

French Quarter Green paired with neutrals... a dream!

I love French Quarter Green with bright color schemes, but it actually works quite well for a greyscale scheme too! Here's a sneak peak of what's going on in our upcoming #ColorMixMonday, which you can see on our instagram @paint_shoppe_ every Monday!

Keep yourself tuned into this blog for more color spotlight blogs and let us know if there are any colors you'd like to see featured! As a reminder, we do have a Jolie Basics Class coming up on the 28th of September. In this class we teach you six great finishes that can be used on everything from cabinet refinishing to painted floors and of course painted furniture. These hands on workshops give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about your on home decor. Click here to sign up!

As always, thanks for reading! We'll talk soon!

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