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More Efex Excellence!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hello all! Happy first week of December!! This week I'm taking a break from Jolie Paints color spotlights and instead bringing you an inside look at a project that Virginia completed for a client this week! This project involves beautiful Efex, amazing custom Jolie paints color mixtures, and some amazing faux finishing! I'll post photos below of the projects themselves and include brief descriptions of how Virginia achieved these looks!

These panels will be displayed above mirrors in the client's bathroom and dining room, and certainly have a regal look about them. Each panel is simply mounted on a piece of 1/4" MDF!

Panel #1:

The panel above features a custom paint color mix of Petit Chateau and French Grey, with a wash of Gesso on top. The resin tableau was painted only in Gesso and then aged with Tree Bark Wood Icing Glaze.

Panel #2:

This panel also features a custom Jolie color mix of Cocoa, Lilac Grey, and Gesso White! This process involves painting with all three colors at once without overmixing them. That's why you see all three colors represented here- it really gives the panel depth and accents the Efex nicely! (Hint: you can click here for some Efex tips and tricks!)

Lastly, let's talk about the gorgeous gold trim that decorates the edges of these panels! Virginia also used this finish on the Efex on Panel #2, and I know you're curious about how she managed this gorgeous color!

First, Virginia used Gold spray paint to cover the trim and the Efex. Next, she added just touches of Jolie paint in Malachite, and followed that up with Gold Foil. The Gold Foil was attached with DUX Size! Finally, she finished by aging the pieces with Tree Bark Wood Icing Glaze!

If you enjoyed this, I highly encourage you to check out our Youtube channel where we post color mixes and tutorials similar to this one (but much more in depth)! Let us know if you have any specific how-to questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for reading!

Talk soon,

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