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Eucalyptus and You

Eucalyptus is my favorite color this week! Another versatile hue from the Jolie Serenity Collection released this Spring, you'd be surprised how many people fall in love with the multidimensional blue-green-grey aesthetic that this color inspires in their home. Eucalyptus is soft and muted and layers beautifully with other neutrals. Especially with blacks, whites and the soft, romantic, sophisticated pinks! Appearing in both homewares and fashion, Eucalyptus is all the rage in 2019.

See the example below to see how Eucalyptus pairs with pinks and whites in an interior space; I'm obsessed! An accent piece that could've faded into the background now pops with life and encourages a calm, cheerful atmosphere.

You can get your Eucalyptus fix in two different sizes- the quart or the sample pot. Our Quart-Sized can retails for $34.95 while the sample pot goes for $12.50. Coverage, as with all Jolie paints, is fabulous. I painted my entire dining room set (bench, four chairs, and a table) with only one quart of Jolie furniture paint! And that's accounting for each piece needing two coats because I was painting over a darker color!

One of the best things about the Serenity Collection is how the collection looks when used together, even mixed! Here's an example: Eucalyptus x Misty Cove!

For more on my favorite green, head over to our Instagram (@paint_shoppe_), Facebook (Southern Institute of Faux Finishing), or our Pinterest (Paint-Shoppe). We post new content all the time and you're bound to learn something new not just about Eucalyptus, but about the Jolie Brand and all the other fabulous products we carry!

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