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European Inspired Interior

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be sharing a few photos and information from Virginia's last housecall! Virginia's long time friend Lisa Palmer, who is also a FABULOUS interior designer with SummerHouse, called Virginia to help give an already beautiful home a bit of a spruce up. The house originally had rich, old-world colors that were, for the most part, on the darker side. SummerHouse prides itself in creating interiors that are light, airy, classic, and clean. The home was brightened up in no time! Here are a few 'before' photos!

Most of Virginia's job consisted of helping to lighten up the stonework and the paneling, all of which was imported from Europe. The paneling was dark, so originally they had planned to bleach it. However, the wood had been waxed and there would be no real way of guaranteeing a consistent color after bleaching! That's when Virginia knew that Jolie would be the best solution to the problem. Virginia used Swedish Grey, diluted/thinned with water to paint the walls and the ceiling of the study. All of the paneling. Then, she rubbed the paint job down before following that process up with a layer of Clear Wax. It turned out great! Lightened up but retaining its natural look.

The next project to focus on was all of the stonework. Most of the stonework got a simple wash of different colors designed to combat the warmth of the preexisting orangey tones. They ended up appearing more cool and monochromatic. The fireplace stonework, however, required a bit more work! Each stone was painted individually and Virginia used a total of 6 different color mixes created with Jolie paints to get the final look. She painted with all 6 colors at the same time using 6 separate Jolie Signature Brushes. In contrast to the paneling, none of the stonework required any sealant. No waxing! Stone is so porous that the paint is absorbed right into the stone, and you shouldn't use wax on a fireplace anyhow. Hello- what happens to wax when it gets hot? It melts!

So I know this was a short but sweet update, but these gorgeous photos might make up for the lack of reading material. Make sure you check out SummerHouse's website and maybe even invite them to update your home in the future! Lisa Palmer's personal Instagram is @lpdesignlove and our Instagram, as always, is @paint_shoppe_! Show us some love!

Thanks for reading,

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