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Hooray for Hibiscus!

Flowers are blooming and everything is green, so you know what that must mean! Spring has arrived in Mississippi! In honor of Spring's arrival, I took time this week to mix together some of my favorite Jolie colors, including my new obsession- Hibiscus! This proud flower is already famous! Even our friend Moana is wondering what took us so long to fall in love with the Hibiscus flower.

Hibiscus is not only famous in the movies, but in the world as well. Believed to be native to Hawaii, the Hibiscus is actually the national flower of Malaysia! We think this deep magenta is perfect for interior spaces that have a modern feel and it's even better if it's used to brighten up a neutral space! I mixed this color with Antique White to see what different tints looked like, and I LOVED THEM ALL. If you're not following us on instagram, you should be! @siffms we post the most satisfying color mixing videos and gradations!

Hibiscus x Antique White

These mixtures were created as follows:

1. Pure Hibiscus (the darkest hue!)

2. 1 part Hibiscus, 1 part Antique White

3. 1 part Hibiscus, 2 parts Antique White

4. 1 part Hibiscus, 3 parts Antique White

We got our first samples and quart sizes of Hibiscus just last week, so I've also been busy painting some sample boards for the stores. Jolie paint's coverage is always great! Hibiscus is no different. It only took one coat to make 2 layers of an older burgundy color disappear completely!

Besides modern interiors, I actually think Hibiscus would be great on poolside furniture! This hue makes a statement whether paired with neutrals or poolside blues and greens. If tropical flair is what you want, some Hibiscus lounge chairs are what you NEED! Regardless of how you use this pretty pink, we urge you to send us photos of your completed work! Follow us on instagram, tag us in your photos, and maybe have a look at some satisfying color mixing videos while you're at it.

See you there!

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