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Identify Your Style with Jolie Home

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Hi there! My name is Lauren, and I am so excited to start this blogging journey with you all. I am 21 years old (22 on the 19th this month) and studying Graphic Design at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. I’m newly engaged and working part time as an intern for the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing. I’m sure lots of you have shopped with us before, and we plan on using this blog to keep you updated on all things new and beautiful that we and our sister store, Spruce, have to offer.

Last month we were so lucky to introduce into our repertoire the newest brand of premier paints- Jolie Paint! On the 19th we had Jolie Home CEO and founder Lisa Rickert here with us celebrating the launch of Jolie’s Signature Neutrals Collection. The collection includes 5 gorgeous matte finishes: Classic Navy, Noir, Espresso, Gesso, and Swedish Grey (my favorite!). We put the collection to the test through live demos with Lisa and Virginia Weathersby and gave away small samples of each color along with the ever-useful Jolie Everyday Guide.

The Everyday Guide has been a bit of a saving grace for me. As an anxious and excited new bride, I’ve been wracking my own creative brain for ideas about our first apartment together and have come up with zilch. Nada. Hard to think about home improvement when you don’t actually have a home to improve yet. The Everyday Guide is full of gorgeous photos of interior spaces and how-to guides using Jolie Home products, but that’s not the only thing I discovered. The Guide suggests that first-time Jolie users go to the Jolie Home website ( to be “guided through identifying your individual style.” Upon visiting the Jolie Home site, I found the best style quiz for anyone looking to make their home beautifully and personally true to themselves.

When I clicked the ‘Take Quiz’ button, I was met with 11 questions pertaining to my personal preferences in architectural style and interior furnishings. I clicked through the quiz quickly because I tend to know exactly what I like and don’t like when presented with visual options. The quiz even asked what flowers I’d be most likely to decorate with. This was undoubtedly the hardest question, because my answer is always, “ALL the flowers!” At the end of the quiz, I was asked to give my email and a password for my Jolie Home account. Because I love Jolie Home and already have account through my job here, I had my results emailed to me. But there is an option to skip that step if you’re not the email-reading type. After that, my style results were in: I got “Modern!” Here’s what the quiz told me about this particular style choice.

Modern style generally speaks for design trends that began in the 20th century. Minimal accessories and clean lines are common characteristics of a modern home. Contemporary designs typically trade in the strict lines for curvier, bolder elements.

To add a bit of retro nostalgia and warmth to your modern space, incorporate the hues of the 1950's and 1960's. For this style, start with a neutral back drop and add in bold colors like Urban Orange, Butterfly, and Emperor’s Yellow.

Fun fact, y’all. Yellow is my all time favorite color. It’s like they read my mind. Everything about my style description fits exactly the kind of flair I hope to add to Taylor's and my future home. They even included some amazing inspo photos along with information about the colors used to create each look that I’ve since saved to a folder on my desktop. I’ll share them below.

This look suggests Jolie’s Matte Finishes in Slate and Rose Quartz.

This look suggests Jolie’s Matte Finishes in French Quarter Green and Noir.

This look suggests Jolie’s Matte Finishes in Marigold and Noir.

If you love these interior looks as much as I do, then you might be more inclined to Modern style as well. You can find all the colors I was recommended on our website under the Shop tab’s “Jolie Matte Finish Paint” category. If not, I’m linking the quiz here so you can identify your own interior style.

To quote Lisa Rickert, Jolie Home founder and CEO, “Jolie helps you personalize your home and create something beautiful, whether that means cohesive and balanced interiors or elevating your style. Everyone deserves a space that offers beauty and peace to their everyday life.”

Good luck, and thanks so much for reading!

Talk soon.

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1 Comment

Feb 03, 2019

Hi Lauren you have inspired me to take the style quiz. I'll let you know what it says!

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