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Mad for Misty Cove

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Misty Cove is this week's Jolie furniture paint spotlight color! This is one of my favorite colors to experiment with because it's almost three dimensional even on its own. It's a mid-tone grey that appears differently depending on how the light hits it! Misty Cove was inspired by the rocky coast of Malibu, California, and the muted green and blue undertones make that very apparent. See below:

My favorite way to use Misty Cove is alongside bright gold accents, like this! The clock was done in our SIFF Studio using Jolie paint and Pebeo gilding wax. It was one of my first projects with Jolie paint, and it started me off on the right foot for sure. I'll link the video to that tutorial!

Just because it looks great with gold doesn't mean it can't be mixed and matched with other hues from the Jolie paint collection!

Seen above, mixed at a ratio of 1:1 with Lilac Grey, Noir, or Legacy. Lastly, I want to show you what a few simple coats of Jolie paint in Misty Cove can do for a battered-beyond-help piece. When this piece came to us, the owner was about ready to just toss it. Here's why:

It wasn't much to look at. But when we finished it with Jolie:

It had a brand new lease on life! It's also a brilliant example of how Misty Cove can be used in tandem with bright colors, like red or white. For more on this brilliant color, head over to our Instagram (@paint_shoppe_), Facebook (Southern Institute of Faux Finishing), or our Pinterest (Paint-Shoppe). We post new content all the time and you're bound to learn something new!

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