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Marble-ous Faux Finishing!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Hi everyone! It's my first week back on U.S. soil since my two week hiatus to Europe and I'm so thankful to be home. There's nothing quite like a Chick-fil-A sandwich and a sweet tea after waiting two hours in Atlanta Airport Customs. Today's post is all about a finish so nice, we used it twice! This faux-marble finishing technique has absolutely blown me away and- once again- reminded me of just how useful Jolie Paint can be. Even for advanced techniques! We've even gone so far as to film it for you! Here's the video for reference:

Here's a list of all the products we used, though for your project you may choose different colors!

And here's a full step-by-step of the faux marbling process!

Step 1: Choose a relatively smooth surface. We refinished two pieces of marble that we thought needed makeovers, but you could do this on almost any smooth surface. Jolie products will adhere to nearly anything!

Step 2: Paint on the first coat. We used Gesso White.

Step 3: After the first coat has dried, sand with 600 grit paper. Create a slip by brushing water over the surface.

Step 4:Drift in paint for your second coat. We used Dove Grey Linen.

Step 5: Stipple the wet paint using a Jolie Signature Brush to blend it.

Step 6: Smooth the second coat using a Badger brush. Allow to dry.

Step 7: Add in the vein details using a feather and a Jolie small flat brush to clean areas. Smooth using a badger brush. Allow to dry.

Make adjustments as necessary and repeat steps 5 and 6 as needed.

Step 8: Clear Wax the entirety of your piece.

Step 9: Remove the excess wax using cheesecloth or lint-free cloth.

You're finished! Enjoy your elegant, faux marble piece!

Before we helped these marble tabletops out, this is what they looked like:

After our work, we ended up with these beauties! Aren't they precious?

Okay, that's all from me today! Thanks for reading- talk to you next week!

Best always,

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