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Moroccan Clay Days

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

As much as we love Moroccan Clay on it's own, we love it even more when mixed with Cream! After coming up with a color scheme we liked, we decided to put it to the test! Believe it or not, it only took one coat of paint and a sheer wash to get this look, though we did lay it on pretty thick. Once again, Jolie Paint has proven itself to be the premier brand for furniture painting! Here are a few detail shots of the finished product!

So how did we do it?

First, we poured equal amounts of Moroccan Clay into two bowls. Then, we poured Cream into one of the bowls. We did not mix the colors together, as we wanted to get a layered look and give both colors a chance to shine. This Renoir was our inspiration! We use beautiful works of art all the time to help with color combinations.

We dipped the brush into the Moroccan Clay bowl first and painted in short, criss-crossed strokes. We then used the same brush to dip into the Cream and Moroccan Clay bowl and used the same technique to layer the colors on. It took almost no time! After the layered on paints were dry we did a color wash over it using Jolie Matte Finish Paint in Lilac Grey mixed with water. We wanted it to keep the matte-finish look, so we used Jolie Clear Finishing Wax for the topcoat and did not buff afterwards. Here's the completed work!

Be sure to keep up with our Instagram @paint_shoppe_ and our Facebook pages for the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing and SPRUCE to see the amazing finishes that don't make it to this blog! We love keeping you up to date and inspired!

Thanks for reading! See you next week,

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