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Parties at the Paint Shoppe

Hello everyone! It’s me, Lauren, back again with an update of the events of the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing and SPRUCE! This week we were grateful to host Barbara Parker and the Whisper Lake of Annandale Garden Club meeting. Did you know we host parties and meetings for free? The ladies of the garden club were able to bring their own food and drink and had access to our entire studio, including our lovely kitchen area! All seven of our guests were given a demonstration as well as helped through their own project and seemed to have a wonderful time! Pictured below are snapshots of the meeting as well as some of the beautiful painted pots, birdhouses, flower arrangements, and food dishes.

The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing Studio is a great venue for club meetings, girls-day-out's, and parties of up to 30 people! Projects like these precious pots and birdhouses are easy and relatively inexpensive. The garden club brought their own pots, and used our studio stencils, brushes, and paint to get the job done. There wasn't any official garden club business to attend to, but we sure did have a great time. Want to try one of our SIFF workshops with a group of your own? Let us know in advance! We'll be able to quote you a price for your supplies as soon as you know what you'd like your group to do. And be sure to keep watch on our website and Facebook for new and upcoming workshops you can join in on!

From our party-people to yours, see ya soon!

Talk soon,

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