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Rouge Rules.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The spotlight color for today is Jolie's Rouge! Rouge is a color that is mostly used for accenting your living space, but I've seen it used in bigger ways too! Like on the face of a building (seen below) for example. Rouge is a true red; you've probably seen it on Taylor Swift's sassy smile before. It works in any modern interior and helps brighten the barest of the settings, but can create cozy, eclectic living spaces too!

Below are a few examples of how I like to see Rouge used. Yes, It's great when paired black and white. But I think Rouge can be so much more! Use it liberally, and then accent it, rather than resigning it to only being an accent color.

You can get your Rouge fix in two different sizes- the quart or the sample pot. Our Quart-Sized can retails for $34.95 while the sample pot goes for $12.50. If you love reds but you're not sure Rouge is the right red for you, I would recommend tinting it with Palace White or opting for the darker Terra Rosa. Terra Rosa gets closer to an earth tone, like red clay!

For more on Rouge, head over to our Instagram (@paint_shoppe_), Facebook (Southern Institute of Faux Finishing), or our Pinterest (Paint-Shoppe). We're posting new things all the time, including the popular Color Mixes that we've been uploading to our Instagram on Mondays!

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