• leables

Six Stylish Finishes

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Hi everyone! It’s Lauren and I’m back with more from the oh-so-useful Jolie Everyday Guide. This week I wanted to take a moment to go over 6 finishes that we swear by and hopefully inspire you to try out one or two of them for yourself!

On to the finishes..

1. Basic Finish

The basic finish “embodies a classic hand-painted look with a soft texture.” This finish will involve 2 coats of paint and will require you to let go of the perfectionist within. Trust the process! The basic finish, when executed correctly, will be your new go-to technique.

2. Smooth Finish

The smooth finish is perfect for modern interiors or furniture that lends itself to modern design. The flat brushwork will appear “sleek and contemporary,” making it the perfect finish to use if you’re going for a Transitional Style interior.

3. Textured Finish

The textured finish is perfect for homes with Rustic flair. I love this finish because it makes antique look SO chic. The textured finish highlights imperfections and creates depth on flat surfaces.

4. Distressed Finish

I’ve seen the distressed finish used on everything from outdoor furniture to kitchen cabinets. This finish suggests subtle aging and wear, and is the perfect way to introduce patina and history to freshly painted surfaces.