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Smooth Slate

Hello everyone! Last week we gave this tiny table a total makeover- a clean Slate! We used Slate and Urban Orange along with a Clear Wax topcoat to get this look, and here's how!

This is a modern piece and we wanted it to have a modern finish too, so we decided to use the Smooth Finish. See our previous blog describing all 6 Jolie Finishes to learn even more!

Step 1:

The table was an outdated turquoise color when it came to us. We decided that a pop of color was the best thing we could give it! So, first we applied two coats of Urban Orange to the inside of the piece and the inside of the little cabinet door. To achieve the smooth finish, we used Jolie's small flat brush and painted with the grain of the wood to the best of our ability. The flat brush is great for creating smooth finishes because the synthetic bristles are much smoother than our natural bristle brushes.

Step 2:

We used the same technique on the outside of the piece using the same brush and Jolie Paint in Slate. The gray-blue tones in this color compliment the bright tones of Urban Orange so well!

Step 3:

We waxed the entire piece with Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear using the SIFF Ultimate Wax Brush. This brush is great for waxing pieces like this one because we were able to get into all the nooks and crannies of the piece with it. The table being so small made waxing it in its entirety a breeze- it took almost no time at all! We did make sure to follow up by wiping away the excess wax with some dry cheesecloth.

This project came to us as an unassuming turquoise table and ended up being one of our favorite pieces in the studio. We love surprising pops of color! On June 15th, we're opening our studio to you so you can experience the same satisfaction we do every time we repaint or refinish a piece of furniture! Our Bring Your Own Piece (BYOP) class is a crowd favorite, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it! Sign up here!

Thanks for reading,

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