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Teacher Appreciation Highlights!

Hi everybody! This week the Studio has been all about Teacher Appreciation. Virginia noticed that a lot of our customers are current or former educators, and we decided it was time to give back to them! So, we put together some goodie bags and sent out an open invite for two free Teacher Appreciation workshops!

Day 1, Wednesday, we focused only on Jolie Paint finishes while also giving a crash course on waxing, gilding, distressing, and gold leaf. We also asked each participant take the Jolie Style Quiz and pick out a specific color from the brand new Jolie fan deck. We then helped everyone learn how to mix their color for future projects! This workshop lasted from 10am to around 12:30pm, and we had a blast. Here are a few photos from our time together.

Day 2, Thursday, was just as fun. We had two ladies who had attended Day 1 come back for Day 2: the Miss Mustard Seed Workshop! During Day 2 I can honestly say I learned just as much as our teacher friends. Virginia showed us a million different little tips and tricks to make Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint work for us. I think I can speak for everyone when I say the best part was learning about how to encourage the paint to chip and create an aged look! At the end of the workshop, which was held from 2 - 4pm, we shared a champagne toast to the new school year and to teachers everywhere!

This week has been lovely. I've learned a lot, met a ton of new friends, and I hope I'll see some of them back for a BYOP Workshop soon! We're more motivated than ever to keep putting on great Workshops for both beginners and seasoned painters, so keep a watch for them on our Workshops Page!

As always, thanks for reading! Talk soon!

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