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The Serenity Collection & You

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Happy March, everyone! I love March because it brings lots of Girl Scout Cookies, warmer weather, and the obvious St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. March 2019 is shaping up to be better than ever before because the SERENITY COLLECTION is finally here! "Inspired by nature, organic elements, and feelings of calm, the Serenity Collection is comprised of five colors that evoke tranquility and comfort. This collection creates beautiful, balanced, and elevated interiors." We’ve been encouraging customers to hold off on choosing a paint color for their kitchens and other interior spaces, because this collection is stacked with five light, airy tints that you’re sure to fall in love with. I’ll list below all you need to know about this collection as well as a list of supplies you’ll need when, like me, you decide it’s time to use these colors in your next DIY or interior space.

Dove Grey

Jolie Paint in Dove Grey is as delicate as a dove’s feather. Light and warm, this gorgeous grey has hints of beige undertones depending on how the light touches the painted surface. A truly universal neutral that stuns in any interior space.


Jolie Paint in Zen is a beautiful beige-taupe with subtle pink undertones. Soft and relaxed and perfect for peaceful interior spaces. Zen looks great layered with whites, greys, and muted hues – especially those found in the Jolie Home Serenity Collection.


Jolie Paint in Eucalyptus is a soft, muted green with grey undertones. This muted green layers beautifully with other neutrals, especially with blacks, whites, and pink tints. You're likely to find Eucalyptus in fashion as well.

Palace White

Palace White is one of the lightest whites in the Jolie Home color range, following Pure white. Created by Jolie Home founder Lisa Rickert, this color is perfect for walls and cabinetry and is used in Lisa's own home. Clean and crisp elegance with a touch of warmth.

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