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Trumeau Nouveau

Updated: May 25, 2019

Hello again! Today I'm here for show and tell! We recently had a customer bring in a trumeau that she had custom made for her home. She'd been looking for a specific size, and ended up having to get one made. The trumeau that she brought to us was bare bones- no paint, very little detail work. We're always excited to start from scratch and were definitely not disappointed with how this piece turned out!

We were probably the most excited about getting to try out the new Ultralight products from our friend Lydia at Efex! We've talked about Lydia's products before, but these might just be our new favorites. The Ultralight appliqués have flat backs and are harder and thicker than previous molds. Because they're so light, you can glue them right onto your surfaces and paint them immediately. Easy application takes the guesswork out of what it usually takes to apply a large mold. We love them! I'll list which appliqués we used below.

What we used:

1) Jolie Paint color Eucalyptus

2) Efex: Swag SW 24, Drop D8, Ultra Light Josephine

3) Gold leaf

4) Dux gold leaf size

5) Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear

6) Jolie Black and Brown Waxes mixed.

Drop D8 pictured below:

Swag SW24 pictured below: