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Once you finish painting a project with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, you need to protect it with a topcoat. Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax is not only creamy, easy to apply, but also provides excellent protection for your furniture pieces. What makes it even better is adding the soothing fragrance of lavender. Miss Mustard Seed Lavender-Scented Wax has all of the goodness of our Furniture Wax with the addition of a heavenly lavender aroma. Now you can protect your MMS Milk Painted masterpieces and enjoy an aromatherapy session at the same time!


The fine museum quality Lavender-Scented Furniture Wax is based on an old family recipe. It is made from beeswax with a little carnauba wax. It is ideal for use on wood, marble or as a finish over Milk Paint. Clear Furniture Wax is easy to apply, provides a durable finish with a beautiful luster and has almost no odor.


How to use the Lavender-ScentedFurniture Wax: Apply wax in a thin layer with a clean cotton cloth or brush. Allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes. Use a clean lint-free cotton cloth to buff to a shine. If you want to make additional shine and durability, apply a second coat. Clean the brush with soap and warm water. Follow up with MMS Brush Soap to keep your brushes hydrated and moisturized!


Application: Apply with a Waxing Brush and remove excess with Cheesecloth.


Keep in mind: Waxes melt in high temperatures, so Furniture Wax should not be used on outdoor projects, outdoor furniture shows or on front porches. Furniture Wax is not food safe, so it should not be used on surfaces where food is prepared or eaten directly off of, such as a cheeseboard.

Lavender-Scented Furniture Wax | Miss Mustard Seed

Color: Clear
  • 50g covers 100 sq ft.

    200g covers 400 sq ft.

  • Spend Pay
    $0 - $9.99 $4.50
    $10 - $49.99 $8.50
    $50 - $99.00 $12.50
    $100 - $149.99 $15.50
    $150 - $199.99 $17.50
    $200 - $249.99 $21.50
    $250.00 - $299.99 $23.50