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Petite Short Handle Waxing Brush (1 1/2" white bristle)


The Petite Short Handle Waxing Brush was created specifically for waxing furniture. The long bristles reach into each nook and cranny and stay flexible when waxing carved surfaces. The comfortable wooden handle is only 3 1/4" long to make easier to fit between shelves or other tight spaces. The 1 1/2" ferrule is made of nickel-plated steel guaranteeing no rust.


The 1 1/2″ long bristles, the finest available, are solvent proof, double set in epoxy and combed twice to ensure little bristle loss. The brush is round and easy to use on furniture as well as cabinetry and shelving. The quality is unmatched and its pricing is unbeatable.


We suggest buy one black brush for dark waxes and one white brush for clear waxes. Two clearly marked brushes will eliminate potential contamination of dark wax onto a clear wax project.

The cleaning is simple, just dampen a soft rag with low odor mineral spirits and gently twirl the brush; never use soap and water! The brushes come with written cleaning instructions as well.

1 1/2" Petite Short Handle Waxing Brush | SIFF

Color: White Bristle
  • Spend Pay
    $0 - $9.99 $4.50
    $10 - $49.99 $8.50
    $50 - $99.00 $12.50
    $100 - $149.99 $15.50
    $150 - $199.99 $17.50
    $200 - $249.99 $21.50
    $250.00 - $299.99 $23.50
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