• Made In The USA
  • Sold as a pair
  • Height 4.7″ Width 1.1″
  • Lightweight and flexible for quick and easy instillation
  • Ready for paint,stain,faux finish or gilding
  • Replicas of historical patterns and designs
  • Flexible. Versatile. Easy to Use.


These decorative appliqués are made from latex. Efex can be stretched up to 2% to ensure a snug fit. Simply glue on no clamping or nailing required; just attach to almost any surface using contact cement. DAP® Weldwood is recommended. Apply glue to the back of the appliqué and to the application surface per manufacturer’s instructions. PVA glue and epoxy are not recommended. Use on almost any surface: wood, plaster, metal, glass, terra-cotta, etc. Suitable for use on painted furniture, walls, doors, or mirrors. Efex Appliqués can be applied to both interior and exterior surface. Appliqués can be painted with Jolie matte finish paint, or stained with Wood Icing Glaze. Apply any decorative finish you like then add gilding wax or metal leaf for a beautiful result.


Flexible. Versatile. Easy to Use.

Shabby Chic Scrolls SC015 | Efex Appliqués


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