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The Natural Bristle Chip Brush is handmade in the USA, made of the finest 100% white bristels, and is full across the brush with no hollow middle. This Natural Bristle Chip Brush works beautifully with the chalk paint whether dry brushing, skip brushing or just "slapping it on". The smooth natural handle will retain its beauty for the life of the brush with no worries of peeling or flaking paint. Natural bristles are a great way to leave brushstrokes behind for that subtle nod to antiquity.


These 1", 2", or 3" Natural Bristle Chip Brush are little work horses for workshops and daily use. The 1" width is absolutely perfect for picture frames, detailed trim, and other projects requiring a bit more precision than the 2" and 3" widths can offer. The 2" width is a great universal brush. It covers large areas quickly, while fitting sideways into nooks and crannies. The 3" width is designed to cover those drawer faces and table tops in as few strokes as possible.


Simply clean the Natural Bristle Chip Brush using water and a wire brush.

Natural Bristle Chip Brush | SIFF

  • Spend Pay
    $0 - $9.99 $4.50
    $10 - $49.99 $8.50
    $50 - $99.00 $12.50
    $100 - $149.99 $15.50
    $150 - $199.99 $17.50
    $200 - $249.99 $21.50
    $250.00 - $299.99 $23.50
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