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Shop online for paint products from Jolie PaintTopcoats and Waxes, Gilding Waxes and Leaves, Amy Howard At Home, Efex Appliques, as well as Brushes and Tools. offers the best price with curbside pickup or same-day, flat-rate shipping contiguous US.

Jolie Paint

Chalk Finish Paint

Jolie Home chalk finish paint, made in USA, for furniture and home accessories. No need to prime or sand. Jolie Paint is water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying, with beautiful, mixable colors and superior coverage.

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Jolie Home Matte Finish Paint
Topcoats & Waxes

Topcoats & Waxes

Topcoats and waxes will seal and protect interior furniture and home accessories painted with Jolie Paint.

Soft consistency, no odor, easy application. Topcoats create a beautiful matte finish or can be buffed to produce a subtle sheen.

Gilding Waxes & Leaves

Gilding Waxes & Leaves

The creamiest gilding waxes on the market today. Available in 10 colors that can mix with each other AND with decorative furniture waxes to truly customize your project.

Use gilding waxes and leaves to add metallic accents to your furniture and home accessories painted with Jolie Paint. Apply with a brush, lint-free cloth, or fingertip and allow to dry.

Efex Appliques
Efex Appliques

The only bendable moldings and appliques available today. Efex Appliques simply flex to fit any surface they’re applied to, and can be stretched up to 2% to ensure a tight fit.

No special tools are required beyond a pair of scissors or knife and a good contact cement. Made from historic architectural designs, Efex are proudly made in the USA.

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Brushes & Tools
Brushes & Tools

Brushes & Tools

Use waxing brushes, stencil brushes, buffing brushes, gilding wax brushes, and other tools to complete your painting projects on different kinds of furniture and home accessories.

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Amy Howard 
at Home

Amy Howard At Home is the leading manufacturer of certifiable green, artisan quality paint & DIY furniture refinishing products.

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