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Swedish Grey the perfect neutral
Jolie Chalk Furniture Paint
No need to prime or sand, non-toxic, water-based furniture paint made in USA
Topcoats & Waxes
Topcoats and waxes will seal and protect interior furniture and home accessories painted with Jolie Paint.
Brushes & Tools
Use waxing brushes, stencil brushes, buffing brushes, gilding wax brushes, and other tools to complete your painting projects
Starter Kit
All the basic tools you need to finish a project are collected in our Starter Kit for Paint-Shoppe Method.
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We provide Jolie Matte Finish Paint, Jolie Finishing Waxes, gilding waxes, Efex Appliques, brushes, and other paint products.


We are proud to offer you the best price at 

same-day, flat-rate shipping throughout the contiguous US.

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Bring your own piece workshop
Bring your own piece workshop
Custom commission work
Painted Furniture
Custom stencil work
Details are made simple in our works
Bring your own piece workshop
Learning tips and tricks.
Proud Student
Fun time at the Jolie Basic Workshop

Furniture Paint

Revitalize your favorite flea market find with premier chalk furniture paint from Paint-Shoppe. Attend one or more of our furniture painting workshops; you’ll learn techniques for painting new life into old end tables, stools, chairs, and home accessories. Bring in a piece and receive one-on-one instruction on how to paint and finish it. Choose your furniture paint colors, paint your item, and go home with a piece that looks new again!

At Paint-Shoppe, you’ll find everything you need to complete your current project and start on your next one. We offer the best pricing on premier chalk paints from Jolie, with flat rate shipping throughout the contiguous United States.  

1091 Old Fannin Rd, Brandon, MS 39047

TEL: 601-919-3289 EMAIL:


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Custom stencil work

This painted bench is in Jolie matte finish paint Rose Quartz. Custom stenciling using our comfort handle stencil/wax brush.

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