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An End Table Fit for a Palace

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to talk about a unique little table. It was purchased at Good Will select in Ridgeland just down from our shop, Spruce. The details in the piece definitely called for a pop of color, and we even ended up adding gold leaf as well! The finished product is pictured below!

The table was entirely white and scratched when we brought it to the Studio. Cold, plasticy white. A table of this size and shape should not be so boring! We decided that painting the outside in Jolie Matte Finish Paint Palace White would be a good way to brighten it up. We waxed over the Palace White with a coat of Jolie Finishing Wax in White giving it depth with visible brush strokes. For the inside of the legs and underside of the tabletop, we decided that Hibiscus would be a good fit. Two coats of this deep pink later, we added the gold leaf just along the edge to emphasize the shapely legs.

Products we used:

Here are a few more detailed shots of our new favorite table!

Wanting to learn how to achieve this yourself? Bring yourself and your own piece to our next BYOP class! Sign up now for BYOP on July 27th at the SIFF Studio or on paint-shoppe-com to get one-on-one help from your local furniture painting experts! We look forward to seeing you!

Best always and thanks for reading,

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