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European Interiors & Inspiration

Hello everyone! Lauren here, writing to you from gorgeous Glasgow in bonnie Scotland! Tonight is the final night of my European getaway, and I think I could probably write a book about it. However, you're not here for the details of my life- you're here for inspiration! As today's blog title suggests, I'm going to be sharing with you photos and information pertaining to my favorite interior space that I saw on my vacay.

I've waited for 13 days to write this piece, but I actually met my all-time favorite location on Day 3 of my trip. Staying true to my expensive taste, my fave interiors were found in Blair Castle, situated in the attractive Scottish Highlands. Blair Castle is home to the last remaining private army in Europe and is the ancient seat of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl.

Isn't it beautiful? I like to think it's pretty close to Palace White. Though somewhat plain on the exterior, the interior spaces are nothing short of ornate. Firstly, the "War Room." The walls of this room are absolutely covered in war memorabilia as well as the spoils of the various noblemen's hunting trips.

To be honest, the War Room freaked me out a bit. I've left out the photos of the numerous examples of early taxidermy that speckled the room. There was a polar bear in there! The walls of this room are made up of several different types of wood; mostly Mahogany and Cherry. The finished wood grain coupled with brassy and bronze armor and weaponry created a warm atmosphere, which was only amplified by the lack of air conditioning in this room! This is actually the welcoming foyer of Blair Castle, and what a warm welcome it was.

We visited the tea rooms next- yes, tea ROOMS- and they were much more my speed. Delicate and serene, though still holding an air of superiority only attributable to noblewomen, these rooms captured my spirit. The moldings on the ceiling are so detailed, and all of the china was just lovely. I noticed that either deep jewel tones or bright pastels tended to become defining characteristics for each room.

See what I mean? Those seafoam walls contrasted with the warmth of the War Room in the best way. In the next room over, they mixed the two looks. See below. I think it turned out quite well! I loved the off white walls (maybe Gesso White in today's lingo?) with the unique wood finishes and the light green loveseat.

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you all probably the most amazing experience of my short 22 years- the miracle of life. No, I didn't have a baby, but this doe did! I watched Bambi play out in real time, minus all the teary parts! While having a wander in the castle gardens, I came across a female Red Deer. She seemed distressed, looking frantically around her surroundings. Suddenly, she plopped down and there, in that spot, she gave birth. I think it goes without saying that I was slack-jawed and in awe. Following the birth of her fawn, she got up and adjusted around so that the baby would be in the best position to nurse. Soon after, the baby took its first steps! I was too flabbergasted to even think of taking a video, but I can assure you that the Disney flick animated a fawn's first steps flawlessly. Here are a few photos of mom and child!

That's all for now, folks. I've got a plane to catch! Thanks for reading. See you back on American soil!

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