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Talk About Tradition!

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Happy Friday!

This week we’re going to be taking a quick look at Virginia’s Style Quiz results and getting pretty in-depth, so bear with me! Virginia is my amazing lady boss and the founder of the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing as well as Spruce. Decorative painting and faux finishing have been her specialties for years! Here she is, pictured in the SIFF studio with Jolie Home’s Scott and Lisa Rickert.

Last week, I learned that my go-to interior style is Modern, which consists of a lot of neutrals and white, as well as pops of bright colors. I had Virginia take the quiz this week, and her result was: “Traditional.”

Traditional style incorporates the best of classic design with European style. With inspiration from 18th- and 19th-century French and Swedish interior design, you'll find this interior style in both Parisian apartments and provincial homes. Lightly distressed finishes and lots of colored Jolie Finishing Wax create a sense of patina in this old world style.

In other words, Virginia loves an antique but polished look. Her whole life centers around breathing nuance into older pieces by adding embellishments or new finishes. The Style Quiz really could not have been more right about her!

Here's the style inspo Virginia received:

Use Slate and Uptown Ecru to achieve this look.

Pure White and Gold Gilding Wax to achieve this look.

Use Pure White and Efex Appliques to achieve this look.

The more I looked into it, the more I thought I might be inclined to a Modern-Traditional household. After some more scrolling on Jolie’s site, I realized that the style combo I’m describing is actually another style entirely: “Transitional!”

Transitional style has gained popularity because it perfectly blends traditional and modern elements in order to create the perfect balance between old and new in the home. Staying within neutral color palettes and incorporating brighter colors through decor adds up to one relaxed, stylish Transitional interior.

Use Noir, Antique White, and Gold Gilding Wax to achieve this look.

Looks exactly like what I imagine my first home will look like! Especially with all those books in the background. You get joint custody of a library when you marry a writer. If any of these photos inspired you, I hope you’ll take advantage of the links I provided and shop for the essentials you’ll need to create your dream home. If not, here's the link to the Jolie Home Style Quiz again.

Best of luck and happy creating! Talk soon.

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